Monday, April 4, 2011


I recently just got in to World of Warcraft because of a couple of friends of mine talked me into it. And by recently I mean I started in October, and after starting 2 hunters, getting them to 60; my friends decide that I should make a Death Knight, to better fit our pvp team. I kinda raged at first because I got used to playing a hunter and didn't even get him to lvl 85. But it wasn't so bad restarting at lvl 58 with blues in every slot. And tanking 6 mobs at once and then killing them all with aids is pretty fun.

I was reluctant to role a Death Knight because my friends constantly bitched about them being over powered and for nubs. I remember one time they described a Death Knight as a: warrior warlock who was only played by 14 year old faggots. They explained after I made my deathknight that they weren't as overpowered as they were in wrath.

Anyways, I hit 85 with my Death knight, which took me a good month, Got fully geared in my blue pvp gear, and was ready to start playing 3's with my friends, when lo and behold; they have no pvp gear.