Monday, April 4, 2011


I recently just got in to World of Warcraft because of a couple of friends of mine talked me into it. And by recently I mean I started in October, and after starting 2 hunters, getting them to 60; my friends decide that I should make a Death Knight, to better fit our pvp team. I kinda raged at first because I got used to playing a hunter and didn't even get him to lvl 85. But it wasn't so bad restarting at lvl 58 with blues in every slot. And tanking 6 mobs at once and then killing them all with aids is pretty fun.

I was reluctant to role a Death Knight because my friends constantly bitched about them being over powered and for nubs. I remember one time they described a Death Knight as a: warrior warlock who was only played by 14 year old faggots. They explained after I made my deathknight that they weren't as overpowered as they were in wrath.

Anyways, I hit 85 with my Death knight, which took me a good month, Got fully geared in my blue pvp gear, and was ready to start playing 3's with my friends, when lo and behold; they have no pvp gear.


Sunday, March 20, 2011


I'd just like to take this time and talk about some bands that are ravaging my ears at the moment:

General Surgery. Without a doubt one of my top 5 bands right now. They sound like a couple of other Goregrind/Deathmetal bands out there right now. It's hard to to say why i put these guys over other bands, if i had to, id say its just their sound and how they structure their songs. For example their song "necrodecontamination" starts off as fast as any of their songs with a powerful guitar riff that is used throughout the song. then after the intro and first verse they put a break in, which lines up the rest of the song with blast beats and skanks. the lyrics in the song are standard gore-fare:

Gristle, bile and grime
infesting every surface
Surreal patterns of rouge
The penance of being careless

The need for professional
Containment of disease

Scour scrub and wipe
Yearning for a sparkle
Underneath the human waste
Reveal the tiles and marble

Dial 1-800-mess-be-gone
For all your clean-up needs
A drug addled enthusiasm
Compensates our lack of expertise

A predilection for gore
An unhealthy zest
A psychotic fixation
In dealing with death

Scooping up remains
Pouring into tins and jugs
Redistribute the filth
Regurgitate the past

All the lyrics are also growled with a rhythm that sounds like poetry if one listens. It is sort of an evil poetry reading.

As for other songs, they have 2 albums out right now, with a couple of eps that are impossible to find.

...Sunday comes afterwards


So pretty much that fucking Rebecca Black song I first from my friend, the Chanchan-man-chanchan (weird name i know), has been stuck in my head and I can't stop listening to it either.
It's as if somehow, that 13 year old whose been talking about partying and 'getting down' has wormed its way through my skull and is throwing a concoction of 'stupid' and 'fuck' at my brain.
This algorithm essentially boils down to the retard words coming from this retard girls mouth and my penis. Which is attached to my solar-plexus. so when the 'lyrics' come in through my ear, they actually go down to my chest, out of my afore mentioned "chest-penis" and onto my brain. which is conveniently on the table in front of me because I just listened to some Explosions in the Sky, from which my brain was sufficiently fucked.

Happy first post all!!!

Heres to a hopefully long and prosperous relationship with ALL my readers.